Psychotherapy for Men

Men need close relationships as much as women do. However, men in our society are rewarded to achieve, often without regard to the personal cost. Particularly if they are going through difficult times, men tend to keep things inside or ignore what’s wrong. They are expected to be strong, which can feel isolating when times are difficult. Sometimes they push themselves to the point of feeling exhausted, depressed and resentful. They may use substances or get into addictions to look for temporarily relief. They may think they need to have the answers before they are willing to admit to themselves and others that they’re struggling.

Psychotherapy is about coming as you are without having figured things out yet. It is a process of actively looking together for what is getting in the way, what’s stuck, and using your strengths to make change possible. In therapy we find new tools for you to make permanent changes. It is a process of connecting to yourself and others so your life can feel meaningful.


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