Adolescent Therapy

Being an adolescent is one of the most challenging times in life. Mixed messages to parents are reflection of how confusing this time is for most pre-teens and teenagers. They often push adults away but at the same time they need adult’s support more then ever. This is a time of vulnerability, hormonal, physical and intellectual changes. Now throw in the mix navigating through social life and needing validation. Kids this age can be mean to each other because they often feel insecure and by putting someone down they can feel better in the moment. Understandably it can feel overwhelming.

When they’re acting out, are defiant, underachieving academically, feel depressed, have social anxiety, are not being able to control their feelings, it means that they’re in a tough place and need extra support and help to understand what’s happening to them.

I create a safe space for adolescents so they can bring whatever is on their minds, whatever the struggle to help them figure out how to navigate through life. When they struggle they may need an adult who is more neutral and who can understand, validate, and guide them through ups and down.


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My office is located in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto area, walking distance from UC Berkeley and North Berkeley BART Station.