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Renata Wu, MFT

Home Story

Home is a very important metaphor for me. Our first home is where we grow up and experience our first relationships, our first joys and losses. These experiences shape our identity. Feeling good and happy about yourself, knowing who you are, is like having a safe and stable home within yourself. Not everyone achieves this place early on, but it is up to you to get there. Finding your balance, feeling happy and at your best, requires work and diligence to find what needs to be "remodeled," what needs to be repaired and redesigned. Looking after yourself to maintain this sense of balance is an ongoing process.

Once you have balance you can focus on creating and extending yourself in new ways, developing your relationships and career, doing anything you want. And even when the storms of life come you can return to this internal home as a safe place to restore your energy. Psychotherapy is an investment in helping you to build a foundation that will help you feel good and happy about who you are.

Image Credit: © Paul Vandervorst (Gdańsk, Poland)
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